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Golden Belt Art Studio's           Durham/N.C.



Adding to our journey to Durham and its art scene are three wonderful artists I met.  The first two were in the Golden Belt Studio's and they are Christine Armory Long and Patricia Pittman. They shared the same lovely space that I was so jealous of.  It had high ceilings, huge floor to ceiling windows with a massive amount of natural light pouring in, and exposed antique brick walls!  Many studio's that are in co-op situations a tiny spaces that I can't imagine trying to art in, but this was a generous amount of room to bang about in!

Golden Belt Art Studio's

Partial listing of studio artists

Golden Built Building, Durham N.C.
Both Christine and Patricia were oil painters and neither had studied art in college.  They came to art by way of self study and with a private teacher.  One had had a career as a nurse and just retired recently and the other had moved often with her husbands work and art had been an on going hobby.  I find it fascinating when people approach art in their later years.  Patricia had work published two years running in the North Carolina Magazine and Christine also did painting restoration.  They were lovely, friendly and welcoming.  It made you feel the art community itself would be very embracing.  What was fascinating is that she had been a medical doctor in Britain, but after when she moved to the USA when her husband and raised their children, she decided not to pursue medicine but art.  She also was not trained in art in college, and pursued art later in her life.  It is amazing to me being a college educated artist that these artists had such persistence to pursue art on their own.

Jackie MacLeod of Liberty Studio's

Jackie MacLeod of Liberty Studio's

The third artist I met was equally as  fascinating. Jackie MacLeod worked in the Liberty Studio which was a metal studio.  She had her work on display and was a metal instructor.  She did lovely sculpture and assemblage.  She is a wonderful spokesman for the arts and Durham in particular.  Make sure you visit these wonderful artists and tell them you read about them on Rabbit's Moon Studio!
One of the things about doing this blog for you is it gives me an excuse to talk to artists all over.  And that my friends is a great joy!

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