Monday, January 7, 2013

New Artist Series

When I become aware of an artist that is new to me I share them with you under the title of new artist series.  Sometimes it is an old artist or one that is just new to me in some way.  
Today I discovered a new artist of Japanese origin that I love.  First of all you must know I love all things Japanese and always have.  I particularly love Japanese woodblock prints.   I started a collection years ago with copies and then later I was able to find some originals I could afford by hunting in antique and thrift stores.  My major in art was printmaking, so it is a first love for me. 
 Hokusai is one of the Japanese printers I have always admired.  The Wave is one of my favorites and the Floating World/ Ukiyo-e period. 
Hokusai    The Wave             google image

 Ray Morimura(click) started as a painter and switched to wood block prints.  His sensibility is of the ancient Japanese block makers of old.  Morimura's work is delicate, sensitive and has the elements of eternal beauty and balance that all Japanese art seems to posses.  

Ray Morimura                             google image
Ray Morimura                        google image

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