Saturday, January 26, 2013

Art Advocacy Is Always on the Agenda!

Dome of Cannon Building
Visiting the staff of Kathy Castor's Office

Ruby and Anor are wonderful warm staff members who help speed up the duties of a representative of congress.  I stopped by for request for tickets to the senate and house, help with getting a signed certificated from the President for my Mothers' 100th birthday and to plug for the arts and art education as I do at every turn.  Where ever one is, there is always a chance to advocate for the arts and as artists and art educators we should always take the opportunity to do so!  If we don't who will.  I think sometimes artists are more absorbed in their own art and world of galleries that they forget they must help raise young appreciators of art, future artists, and patrons of the arts.  It is a constant job to build connections and educate others who have not been as fortunate as we have been in our education of the arts.   

Standing in front of Kathy Castor's Office

Advocating for the Arts with Staff

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