Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Orleans BBQ Shrimp

Well, there is one thing for certain, in New Orleans food is an art form.  From the worker to the executive, food is such an important part of the culture that a chef would have to be very brave to serve ordinary food.  It is just not accepted here, the most common person in New Orleans has a highly educated palate.  On the food channel Adam goes to different areas looking for good food where the locals eat.  He found these BBQ shrimp at one of my favorite restaurants in Metairie/New Orleans, Deannie's.  I have not had their BBQ shrimp, but I have had Drago's, Mr. B's, Pascale Maneli's..Each is different and all delicious.  I thought you would enjoy it if I threw in a recipe of two in this city of the best food in the United States. Go ahead and argue, yours is better, but only after you come to New Orleans first.  

                                           from you tube
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