Thursday, July 19, 2012

 Highwater Clay/Odyssey Studio

 Asheville North Carolina is the heart of some of the finest arts and crafts in America.  The mountain heritage is strong with people who originated from England, Scotland, Ireland and well as the American Indian influence.  Basketry, pottery, weaving, iron and metal work, beading, glass art, and many other crafts have been handed down from one generation to the next.  Another area we will talk about later is the influence of early England on the mountain music.  T

Highwater Clay provides clay for many areas in the Eastern United States. My studio in Florida orders from them as well.  They offer classes and workshops year round in pottery.  The teachers are highly skilled and offer a variety of techniques.  

If you are in this are or want a vacation in a beautiful part of the world and take pottery classes then this is definitely a wonderful place to do so.  Click on the highlighted words above and it will provide you with a direct link.  If you do decide to take classes please let them know Rabbit's Moon Studio sent you...and let us know your experiences.  It is so beautiful here and there is so much to do, you will not be sorry for the coming!
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