Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bill Hemmerling

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was an artist I became aware of as of late in New Orleans.  From looking at his work and subject matter I was sure he was an African American Artist, but he is not.  He is a white artist from Chicago who moved to the South.  He was originally a window dresser for Sears in Chigago, when he moved South he began his career as an artist. I think it says one is never to late to become an artist.  This is a style of art I would like very much to find the roots of .  I see it a good bit in this area, art with words and a collaged or assemblage approach.  So my question is why more in this area...where did it originate from?  So there is a bit of research on my part to find out.  Much of outsider art is mixed media and includes words.  New Orleans is such a mixture of ethnic backgrounds that this approach could have originated from many sources and it may not truly be from Louisiana alone, but the complete South.  Don't miss the orange sentence that says " The Preacher on the woman's role."

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