Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mother's Restaurant New Orleans/Food Art

Food Channels Man versus Food highlight Mothers Restaurant in the French Quarter.  What was special about it was we were there during the filming.  It was a surprise when the filming crew came in and starting taking pictures...all of sudden we were part of the show. My partner Ann's Father was having his 89th birthday and we had gone to celebrate.  It became even more special when Adam came over to interview Andy.  They took out most of the interview, but you do see Andy in his little hat and mustache eating a big bit out of Roast Beef po boy with debris!  As we are here to tend to Andy's passing and estate this week, running across this video was bitter sweet.  It was a great day and Adam was so personable with Andy.  It made him feel very special.  The food at Mothers is cheap and awesome.  It is a must if you come to New Orleans.

                                            from you tube
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