Sunday, July 29, 2012

Natures Art Of the Blue Ridge Mountains

photos by Elizabeth Gordon

photos by Elizabeth Gordon
 Natures Art in the Blue Ridge

photos by Elizabeth Gordon

Photos by Elizabeth Gordon

Everyday no matter where we leave we are presented with awesome beauty, it surrounds us.  Sometimes we see it in the smallest minute things as a leaf bug on a branch, or a beautiful rusty piece of iron that has every hue of red, yellow and orange possible, or paint pealing in a interesting  pattern on an old building, and sometimes we see the beauty if majestic things like the outstanding beauty of the mountains or sea.  These mountains in the Blue Ridge put on a display everyday, the varying light and shadows, the play of light in the valleys and peaks, and the sunrises and sunsets that come each day.  Some are spectacular full of color, others are soft and misty as the clouds enveloped us at higher elevations.  Some are stormy with lighting flashes and huge thunder clouds form stories high into the sky, the clouds make interesting shapes that one can see many things and sometimes rays of light stream out from the storm clouds across the mountains as if spot lights readying a drama.  On this day I was on a friends deck having drinks and conversation when the sky painted the most awesome picture. So I though I would share it with you.  I have a friend in Manchester England who paints sky...he loves sunsets and sunrises, he loves the infinity variety of horizon lines where heaven touches Earth.  His work in not realistic, is bends toward impressionistic to abstract.  Martin Stynes is his name.  I think you would like his work.  So I will provide links for you.  Enjoy
Martin Stynes, Artist, Manchester England                              from google image        

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