Monday, July 30, 2012

Cherokee Reservation, North Carolina
Early photos of a Cherokee woman and her daughter making pottery
Photo with permission of Cherokee Museum

Early handmade pot

Clay figure

Cherokee method of coil pottery 

Firing of pots Cherokee style

Here is a link to Cherokee customs for children and adults(click).  One of the interesting facts is the strong role of women in the Cherokee culture.   The woman controlled the pottery making and therefore the home.  The pottery is hand built in the coil method and then a wooden paddle is used to pat out and round the pot.  It is smoothed and readied for firing.  The Cherokee used a low fire method of firing their pots, which did leave them vulnerable to cracking easily.  The fire also smoked the pots turning them into shades of brow and black.  I apologize for the quality of the photo's, but with the small camera I am using I cannot overcome the yellowing of light due to the effect of the electric lights.  

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