Monday, July 9, 2012

New Orleans is a Living Breathing Art Form!


The longer I am here and breathe in the scented jasmine, and feel the soft velvet humid summer nights caressing my skin, and hear the beat of city of jazz, lively and constant, I realize that this city is an art installation....the art of food, music and culture. One cannot just observe in New Orleans, though you may try,, you become a part of this mysterious city, it draws you in and holds you tight.  
I remember when Hurricane Katrina damaged the city so badly, there were those who thought it couldn't and shouldn't be rebuilt, but they didn't realize New Orleans would never even consider their was here, it will always be. It is the impossible city, a city built where no city should be, but is.  If you can ever come do and you will leave with a part of your soul forever changed.  New Orleans with love, Betsy

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