Sunday, July 1, 2012

Miro on Visits Washington D.C.!

Juan Miro(click)/The Ladder of Escape(click)

Miro Mobile in Barcelona Museum    photo by elizabeth gordon
Print in Miro Museum 

Feeling at home with Miro   Elizabeth Gordon

Me loving Miro's Work

Ann with Sculpture

Miro Sculpture

Miro Sculpture

Overlooking Barcelona from the Miro Museum Gardens     photo elizabeth gordon

Miro Sculpture in Museum Gardens    photo elziabeth gordon

Front View of Miro Museum

View of Barcelona from the top of the bus riding down the  mountain
Well, at least his art visits Washington D. C. this July and August.  There is an exhibition of Miro's work at the National Gallery of Art(CLICK)! I am so excited I love Miro's work and I love the way he talks about creativity.  When I visited Barcelona a few years ago, not only did I fall in love with Gaudi's architecture (click) but also the art of Juan Miro.  We went to his museum in Barcelona situated on a high hill (more a mountain) over looking the city and port.  I had intended to spend an hour or two and leave.  We spent the whole day, looking at his work, eating at the cafe, browsing the gift shop, and watching films of Miro talking about his art and creativity.  I can not tell you how it made me feel, it was almost as if someone finally said the words my artist's soul had waited a life time to hear.  It was everything I felt or thought about art and creating, everything I had been searching for, for a life time.  It was almost like hearing someone speak my language and I had been in a foreign world before.  I felt so at home with his words and his art, it was difficult to leave.  I long to go back to Barcelona, what a city that attracted such world famous artists.  So below I will include information about the exhibit in Washington(click here) and photo's of the trip I took to the Miro Museum in Barcelona.  I hope you will go to see the exhibit and I hope if you have a chance to travel internationally you will go to Barcelona...see the Miro Musuem, Gaudi's architecture and there is also a Picasso Museum. So much in one city.  
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