Tuesday, July 10, 2012


1920's Film of New Orleans   from you tube

This is really a neat old film showing New Orleans during an earlier part of its history.  For a country that is only 236 years old as the United States is, having a famous city that has been around since the 1700's is quite amazing.  6 flags have flown over this city, of the different nations that have occupied it.  It is so wonderful to get to peak in to the past like a time machine and see this glimpse of a city becoming what it is now.  

As artists we observe and use all our senses to absorb things around us.  We can be in the moment or walk backwards or forewords in time-it is our gift that we are hyper observant so we can offer that back to others in our unique forms of expression..be it visual art, writing, drama or music or dance.  When I walk the streets of New Orleans I can sense earlier times, a thousand images come at me in waves as I look from wrought iron filigreed balconies, to layers of generations of lives lived breaking through pealing paint, and peaking through gated gardens into lush waterfalls of confederate jasmine hanging over antique brick walls, the velvet humid evenings and misty nights, and somewhere there is music...always there is music...playing echoing down Bourbon Street To Royal and back to Canal Street.  What work will this come to life in for me as an artist.  I must first absorb and process, then it will be born from an idea into a creation.
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