Friday, June 22, 2012


A Street Car Named Desire


a playwright and author who lived and wrote in New Orleans penned a play by the name of " A Street Car Named Desire".  I will never forget the play nor its effect on me.  I was in high school, my brother in college at a near by university where the theater group was performing the play.  My brother invited me and my Mother to see the play and got tickets for us all.  I was so excited, it was my first live play and I felt so grown up going on the college campus to anything.  I was not prepared for what I saw nor Tennessee Williams raw in you face style of writing.  The amateur group did a wonderful job, when Stanely Kowolski yells out Stella!!!  I was riveted to my seat.  I remember walking out of the theater that night stunned at the raw emotional journey Williams had taken me on.  I literally could not speak for hours I was so overcome by it all.  I have since see the movie and been moved again, but nothing like that first time as a young high school student at a university production.  
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