Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How Artist translate complex human emotion in to Art

When we look at these different artists and how they portray grief and sorrow we can see they have achieved it different ways...Color, shape, texture, symbols, and line.  It can be done simply as Noors painting with flat images and a repetition of shape.  Andrey's painting of sorrow uses a realism, but also relies on color in the use of the variety of brown and dark tones.  The third picture relies on composition and line. Artists take our complex emotions and unsaid feelings and say with paint or clay or metal what we cannot say with words.

Sorrow by Noor Naqvi
 from google image
Disconsolate  Sorrow by Kurrenow Andrey
 from google image
Artist Unknown                                     from google image
Vincent Van Gogh                               Old Man Of Sorrow                               from google image

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