Monday, June 4, 2012

French Quarter New Orleans         photo by  Elizabeth Gordon


Puppets and Wood toys  Royal Street
photo by Elizabeth Gordon

Posing on Canal St.  photo by Elizabeth Gordon

About fifteen miles above New Orleans the river goes very slowly. It has broadened out there until it is almost a sea and the water is yellow with the mud of half a continent. Where the sun strikes it, it is golden. 
Frank Yerby 

Stanley's off Jackson Square photo by Elizabeth Gordon

Stanley's off Jackson Square       photo by Elizabeth Gordon

And I wound up in New Orleans for all those years and it was a great place, really a catalyst creatively.  Jimmy Buffett 
Graffti Sign in the French Quarter      photo by Elizabeth Suggs
Jackson Square Musician off Jackson Square
photo by Elizabeth Suggs

And we live in a French Quarter a lot of the time, in New Orleans. And the camaraderie of everybody there. Everybody takes care of each other. Delta Burke 

And you find as a writer there are certain spots on the planet where you write better 
than others, and I believe in that. And New Orleans is one of them. 
Jimmy Buffett    

Hidden Garden in the Quarter  photo by Elizabeth Gordon

And if citizens of New Orleans who are really contemplating coming back heard that we're really intent upon making the place secure again - regardless of whether the levees held or not - then I think a rebuilding process would really take shape. 
Billy Tauzin 

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