Friday, June 29, 2012

Maya Lin(click)
Vietnam War Memorial   Maya Lin               google image

At 21 years old as an undergraduate student, Maya Lin's design for the Vietnam War Memorial beat out 1,400 different proposals.  At the time it was controversial, many thought it should be a realistic  sculpture of the men who fought.  As a matter of fact such a memorial was later built by another sculptor, but it was never as successful nor meant as much to grieving friends and family as Maya Lin's design.  On her granite block cut sculpture they could fine their loved ones name, touch it, stand by it, pray by it, and cry by it.  A conceptual art work with so much deep and thought that called for interactive participation from the viewers was far more emotive than a realistic sculpture would have ever been.  Art, in some people's mind, is geared toward is rarely that, even realism isn't what people think it is only a perception that is created on a two dimensional or three dimensional surface.  To open peoples mind, to change their views about what art is and is not, is a role as an art educator and artist has always been what I find interesting.  When showing my work I have met very educated people who can not see beyond realism and pretty, and I have met uneducated people who walk up and just start loving colors and shapes, thoughts and feelings.  I would have to say I appreciate them most, because they approach the work with out prejudice or preconceptions.

   Maya Lin  detail Vietnam War Memorial       google image
Maya Lin, Artist
May Lin was a college student in Athen, Ohio.  Her Aunt was a foremost architect in China.  Her work  makes one think deeply and is well designed.  She saw the design as a wound to the Earth in the soldiers memory.  
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