Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ogden Museum of Southern Art Collection Continued

This is a continuation of the Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans.  It is a distinctive collection particular to a specific region of the United States.  I hope this enables you to travel, at least virtually, to New Orleans and experience a bit of its magic.
Elemore Morgan Jr. 1931-2008
1988  acrylic on masonite
View from the Prairie
"Southern art, while closely linked to many important trends in American art, follows a different logic and unfolds at its own pace.  The importance of place is one of the defining concepts of Southern art.  The importance of the land, both real and mythic, is a dominant theme in Southern art, music and literature. Not only has Southern landscape painting persisted, but it has flourished when landscape was largely ignored by other regions.  The dramatic topographies of the South have long attracted both native and non native artists in search of exotic subject matter.  However, most Southern landscapes move beyond the topographical and explore an almost metaphysical approach to place and mending.  Drawing from the Romantic tradition, Southern landscape painters often approach their subject with reverence and awe.  From the 19th century to the present, artist have continually reinvigorated the approaches defined by Impressionism,  symbolism and expressionism to explore the symbol both as an expressive powers of landscape painting and a exploration of place." Excerpt from the Ogden Museum exhibition on Southern art.  

Clarence Millet Violet Locks  1950
"Violet is a small river community some fifteen miles downriver from New Orleans. Millet painted and sketched all along the river from River Bend down to Violet. The shape definition of the missive lock, the subtle mauve coloration of the horizon line, and the clear division of planes created but the lock in the foreground, and the distant, receding river int he background." Excerpt from the Ogden Museum exhibition.

Sunset on Bayou Barataria   George Frederick Castlelden

Mississippi Panorama  Robert  Brammer 1850

William Henry Buck     On the Gulf Near Bay St. Louis

Clarence Millet   Levee Road    1950

George Rodrigue                    Aioli Dinner
This is Rodrique's first painting with people.

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