Thursday, June 7, 2012

BO BARTLET(click for link)                                
Bo Bartlet                                                               Young Life      1955  photo by elizabeth gordon
Bo Bartlet (click) was born in Georgia, a Southern boy, but his art education was in Philadelphia.  His work reminds one of Andrew Wyeth(click) and Thomas Eakins(click).  This painting was very striking to me when I passed by it in the Ogden Museum of Southern Art(click).  I had walked past, turned around and came back to look again.  Like Andrew Wyeth's paintings there is a haunting quality where the people are like characters in a if they are trying to communicate a hidden message to us.  It speaks to us of a certain culture in the South that loves hunting, and guns...where the man is still hunter, the wife clinging to her man and the child off to the side holding on to a cane pole.  The iconic Chevy truck and deer slung across the top are symbols of another time and place.  There is a simplicity in Bartlets' work, yet it is strong and commands attention.

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Andrew Wyeth
American Regionalist
Winter 1945

Thomas Eakins
American Realist
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