Friday, June 22, 2012

Mark Twain  

Stanley's Interior on Jackson Square photo by elizabeth gordon

Marble table with bent wood chairs in Stanley's
photo by elizabeth gordon
I am a lover of history, old worn thing,  polished old wood, antique marble and stained floors.  I love the thought of other worlds existing before me and imaging what they may have been like.  As I look a these two photos my mind goes back to an earlier New Orleans bustling with cotton day commerce and paddle boats chugging down the great Mississippi River.  I think of ladies in fine lace and petticoats, and the clop of horse hooves on cobblestone streets and the calls of street vendors......a cacophony of sound, lively, exciting, like an energetic buzz humming throughout the Quarter.  I think of days of the French Quarter, the American Quarter, the Spanish named streets, and Italian immigrants...I think of the days of slaves and human bondage for profit, the time of duels and honor, the days of 6 different flags that flew over this impossible city that lived on and on. New Orleans is a story of survival against impossible odds and still is. And it is well feed for its effort, food is the ties that binds, no bad food is tolerated here...the people of New Orleans expect the best and get it. 
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