Monday, January 30, 2012

Studies in Black and White and color photography/Gasparilla Parade

Black and White photography has a beauty and elegance to it.  Studying photography at the university I remember long hours in the film lab learning how to develop film.  There was something exciting about it, scientific with all the chemical smells and processes.  There were so many stages, each that took great care, but my favorite was after the film was developed looking at the newly processed film at the pictures I had created.  Searching for the right picture to develop, how much to enlarge it, and whether to use another creative process or not.  The acrid smell of the chemicals were sharp to ones nose, the red light in a dimmed room, all added mystery and a bit of thrill to it all.  The change in photography has been dramatic-from film to digital. Much has been gained and some lost, perhaps that is why we see recently the resurgence of black and white film photography.  It is a bit like the LP vinyl records that went out of style and now are being rediscovered and treasured.  It takes a different eye for black and white.  When one goes out to shoot, you must look at everything differently than if you are shooting color.  Textures and contrast and shadow become more important....line and definition also.  Take a look at these photo's I shot in color digital and then altered on the computer to black and white.  See which you prefer.  These were the ones I thought most suited for black and white also.  See what you think.  I am open to any and all feedback.  Enjoy.

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