Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cassandra Gordon Harris/New Artist Series

Cassandra Gordon Harris

Cassandra  is a wonderful painter and extremely talented artist.  Her paintings are mythical and mysterious, they call to your soul of a place you are longing to go.  Her women are strong vibrant seekers of the truth.  The form speaks of woman as the idea of woman, life giver, creator, sensual, Mother, Sister, daughter...all women, for all times.  Joseph Campbell could have used her images in his books about myths with great ease and Jung would have contemplated her images with great relish.  
I first met Cassandra when I was teaching art.  I had decided to do a community based program with the kids that would bring living artists, businesses and other organizations together.  Cassandra was one of the artist that came in to work with my students on what became known as "The Deer Project".  30 deer forms and over twenty artists created sculptures that later shown in the state capital and in a professional gallery.  Cassie's magic with kids is amazing.  We also worked on ACE committee(arts for a complete education) and learned our Fathers were from the same small area of Mississippi-with both of us having the last name of Gordon we figure we are cousins!  Cassie is a prolific artist who always finds the way to do art, no matter the situation or challenge.  I admire her greatly.  Treat yourself and get to know her and her work as well.  Welcome Cassandra Gordon Harris to our New Artist Series.  To read Cassandra's blog about her work go to this site:
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