Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Art Of Ben Cockrel/New Artist Series

I want to introduce you to Ben Cockwell.  Ben is an artist I discovered on line through his blog.  He lives in the Falkland Islands or the Malvinas Islands off the cost of South America.  Ben is British by birth, but feels a great kinship to Vincent Van Gogh.  When you see his red hair and art work I think you will see why.  His landscapes of the area are wonderful and his textural strokes of brush work and pencil will give the feeling of the wildness of the Island.  But his people and animal portraits are extraordinary also. His work does remind me of  Van Gogh and another American artist by the name of Walter Anderson.  He captures he essence and spirt of what he draws as if he is one with the subject.   You can almost feel its being.  Ben does a blog about his work, he writes about his walks on the Island and takes photographs also.  I encourage you to get to know Ben and his art work.  He is oft to new adventures right now, working on a ship that will be going through the Islands.  I look forward to the art that will come from his adventure.
His site is listed as Benco...a combination of his first and last names. I have his blog listed under the column blogs I follow if you would like to sign up for his adventures.

Ben Cockrel/Falkland Artist
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