Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Playing for Change

Playing for Change(click for link)

I usually write about visual arts, but I am a lover of all arts.  I want to introduce you to a group of musicians you may not know about, but who are unique, creative and have a wonderful message.   We are all one in this world!  Through music they spread the message of peace and love and the human experience.  They are small group of musicians who have a passion for music, wherever it finds its expression...whether on the streets of New Orleans or the streets of Africa or the streets of Amsterdam....people sing, play instruments, and dance-in our humanness we express joy, pain, sadness,love, and a yearning for peace and understanding. The celebration of the street musician, the everyday person who has a passion for music makes this group a hero in my book.  They sought not fame for themselves, nor money, but an a passion and an ideal-the love of people all over the world and the love of the musician.  I honor you and share you with the world "Playing for Change".  Treat yourself and get to know this group and share their message with others.  Now turn your sound on, turn your speakers up and get ready to rock out with Playing for Change!

an addendum: I discovered I had a link to this band I did not know about.  My friend June Berkley who is an English professor and author had introduced me to wonderful friends of hers whom we stayed with on the outer banks on vacation.  It turns out their son is one of the founders of Playing for Change.  A small world isn't it?!
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