Sunday, January 29, 2012

Gasparilla Parade/Tampa/2012

I will post a few of my photo's from Gasparilla.  This is the one I thought most successful, but I will be directing you to my friend and photographer Mark Philipps site for a more comprehensive look at Gasparilla.  I am using a small Lumix by panasonic camera with a 16 times zoom, so I am amazed to get a good shot at any distance. Mark uses a Canon with a wonderful accompaniment of lenses.  He is also especially adept at adobe photo shop and other photo soft ware programs.  His site is  It will probably be a few days before the parade shots are posted on his site.  Parades and races are great opportunities for photography.  There is lots of action, celebration, and uninhibited behavior.  Just ask the rather inebriated young pirate that instead I dance with him! I am thinking he won't remember a thing!
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