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        ZAK OVE              NEW ART TRENDING

                    London based artist of Trinidadian heritage

In an article I read recently from MSN, the art world believes that wealthy buyers in Africa are wanting to buy and support local, home grown artist.  Some of the most recent shows in London have supported that trend. A look at some of the artists that are being looked at, is worthy of our interest as well.  African art and art style has been of interest to artist for a long time.  Picasso based a good bit of his ideas of cubism and other art on the African style and culture.  Europe long looked at the world of African art with interest, but always with the eye of of being Eurocentric:white artists, copying African style. 
Zak Ove  Changing World            from google for education only

One of the new artists of interest is Ove.  He is London born, but has a Father of Trinidadian heritage and an Irish Mother.  In his younger years he went on movie sets and did filming with his Father.  His interest are in video, photography and now developing into fine art. He delves into the subject of a white dominated world and its effects on black people and culture.  He looks at the European centered world in contrast to the African struggle to attain stable government, respect, and financial stability.

Zak Ove   London based Artist
google image only for educational purposes

"The trend is spurred by wealthy Africans supporting home-grown talent and European collectors searching for the next big thing. Several London galleries focused on African art have opened in the past few years, the flagship Tate Modern has set up an African acquisitions committee, and this year's sale of African art at the auction house Bonhams has passed the 1 million pound ($1.6 million) mark.

London's Somerset House is hosting the 1:54, the British capital's inaugural contemporary African art fair, this week. And the mood there is buoyant.
"People are caring more in the press, collectors are opening their doors, and museums are showing more African artists," said Mariane Lenhardt, whose Seattle-based M.I.A Gallery is selling fierce-looking, nail-studded busts by London-based sculptor Zak Ove."
Bonhams auctioneer Giles Peppiatt, whose annual Africa Now auction took in a record 1.3 million pounds ($2.1 million) this year, said he has never seen so much interest." Msn 

Zak Ove    London Based Artist                         from google image for educational purposes only
If I were still teaching art I would certainly choose Zak's work to build a lesson or series of lessons around.  His multi-media approach lends to the ability to do many projects with children and his topics are excellent to build tolerance, understanding and acceptance.  There is a decided lack of coverage of African and Black artist in art history and in the training of young art educators.  I think it is important that we correct this, and pay attention to the art of all people and culture.  The art world had been long dominated by European and Western art, it is time to be more inclusive. 
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