Tuesday, October 15, 2013



Matthew's Painting of the Wave went viral on Facebook people were so amazed with his work
I contacted Matthew and ask permission to use his images in this blog and he so generously agreed. RMS
Matthew's work is stunning in its feel or reality, but there is so much more going on in his art that just the appearance of something  real.  One might say it is almost photo realist, but it is not, nor do I think that is his intent.  Even if you look at the Wave, the painting above, there is so much emotion that comes across.  Matthew rarely, if ever, puts people in his work.  Nature is the overriding factor to him and its dominance is part of his message.  He calls his work a "sublime observation" and with this explanation it gives us even more depth into understanding his work.  There is an etherial, yet Earthy quality to Matthew's work and in a sense a deeply spiritual one.  I think of many old masters when I look at  "the Wave" and yet I see other artists as well in other work. I think of the Hudson Valley Painters in some work, and Edward Hopper in others.  So if I could I would ask Matthew who are your influences, what artists called to you and reached into your soul.

LOW COUNTRY                                         with permission of the artist  RMS
Matthew Cornell
I thought this image is a good one to include for scale and just to remind ourselves they are indeed paintings.  I find myself getting so drawn into Matthews work I forget they are paintings, but it is not like they are photographs either, it is more like I am entering that world.  It calls to me, as if I could step right on the  side of the road and walk down to the farm house and knock on the door.  There is nothing frightening in the lonely landscape, it feels good, it feels familiar.  I think that is part of the strength of Matthews work that feeling that we belong....and it may just be our longing to be in nature more and to love the landscape of things and to be just in awe of the beauty of the world around us as Matthew is.  He reminds us how nature is the dominate force in our lives, even if for a minute, in our busy little worlds we forget.  Thank you Matthew for bringing us home again to nature, to our planet Earth. 

Lucid Tomorrow by Matthew Cornell                       with permission of the artist RMS

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