Monday, October 7, 2013


Creativity , the emergence of the original and of individuality, is found in every living cell. This flow and interweaving of individual differences is, by definition as well as by discovery the process of emerging originals, creativity. Creativity is in each one of us.  
Creativity was in each one of us as a small child.  In children creativity is universal.  HENRY EYEING

Eyeing goes on to say he believes it is non existent in adults and  what has happened to this enormous human resource? He goes on to say that is the question of the age.  This book Creativity and Cultivation was published in 1959.  The book is a compilation of various minds of the day from their individual disciplines.  It is amazing to go back in time to the thinking of the time and see how much had not changed and how much remains the same.  Picasso's quote reminds us well, if one could remain a child (keep that creativity and innocence) one could be a better artist. 
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