Monday, October 7, 2013


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Recently I went in to Captains Book Store in downtown Asheville and found a wonderful used book on Creativity and It's Cultivation.  The book was written in 1959, but I found some interesting chapters with wonderful statements and insights into the nature of creativity.  I thought I would share these with you all.  The book at times can be a bit dry, but with a little mining it is full of wonderful thoughts.  
In the first Chapter on Scientific Creativity is a thought I wanted to share:

"Each person is born into an environment with a language and culture that provide a more or less complete world view.  He usually assumes, correctly, that his first conflicts with the notions he has learned will be resolved when he understands the accepted views better.  Sooner of later, however, he comes against glaring inconsistencies which bring his conceptual world into serious question. The necessary reconstruction is the beginning of a creative process.  This intellectual construction of a world picture is an extremely important aspect of scientific creativity." by Henry Eyeing.

That statement says so much in a short paragraph, that where ever we are born, what ever environment we grow up in we assume our language and culture give us our world view.  We cannot help but to see the world from the point and culture in which we grew up.  We can think our view is absolutely correct, but then we come upon someone else that presents us with a new answer and a new set of ideas from their point of view and culture.  

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