Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Visual Diary Spruce Pine Artist's Date

 These are some of the other photo's I took the day of the Spruce Pine Pottery Market day.  I like to make a visual diary of details and things that catch my eye.  Some times it is color or texture, or something that evokes a feeling.  Other times it is dramatic contrast or an odd composition.  I think also it is an insight into how artists see the world around them, for we are constant observers of our environment and emotional world.  We are so highly trained to sense and to observe, that a long shadow, or the emotions on a strangers face, the slouch of the farmers shoulders, or the worn arrow on the wooden floor of an old school house engages our interest and attention.  Will any of these things find there way into a work of art or only be the pathway that leads to thought that builds a piece in ones mind...these are the things of artists mind, it is not always a straight path. It is more like being a sponge that absorbs and stores away, to be recalled at another time.  Some artists are so sensitive they find it difficult to turn this off, and that is when we read of artists who turn to self destructive habits as an escape to deaden what they feel. Most artists find a constructive way to use their senses and skill in a positive way to help others see or feel or just appreciate.  

an old depot left behind in time

images of a working railway now all commercial no passenger....the red and the words just jumped out at me.

There is something so appealing about worn big chunky strong
lived used massive industrial objects...the yellow the angle lines, the deep cuts
all say I have been here, I have contributed, I have made a difference

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