Thursday, October 17, 2013



Merhaba Turkey! 

 When I saw Mehmet's large clothes pin it made me think of Claes Oldenburg's large sculptures

Mehmet Ali Uysal     Turkey/Turkiye                       from google image for educational purposes only
Mehmet Ali Uysal                                   from google image for educational purposes only

Claes Oldenburg       from google for education only

  After living in Turkey for two years, in Izmir I have a great deal of affection for the country and its people.  I often think there would be world peace much sooner of we only experienced each others cultures up close and personal.
I was on sabbatical from Pinellas County School System to study Islamic art and Turkish folk arts.  I was welcomed into communities and treated as an honored guest. Dokuz Eyul Univerisy in Izmir and the Topkapi Museum in Istanbul were very supportive and helpful during that time. 
Mehmet's sculptures are playful and seem to transform what ever space they are in.  I encourage you to learn more about this young artist and follow his career. Since 1990's Turkey has changed a good bit, and the art scene has grown tremendously. Now Istanbul host the Istanbul Biennial which is one of the art worlds most famous venues internationally.

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