Saturday, October 26, 2013


The Incredible Moving Collages of Hilary Faye(click)

All of Hilary's Art is shown with her permission.

Hilary Faye is an artist from Melbourne, Australia.  I first saw her collages on Hyperallergenic.  I was immediately mesmerized by her work in collage, especially, the moving collages made with bits of film complied in pieces and bits the same way a regular collage would be except in film.  I took experimental film as an addition to my masters and for continuing education points toward my teaching license in the 90's.  I was fascinated with the creativity one could achieve in film.  Dali's surrealistic clip( un chien andelou) that begins with the cutting of an eye and continues is Dali's style with ants crawling out of a persons mouth and nose was just captivating with what one could create using film as an art  form.

But Hilary's work was even more interesting in that it was like a paper collage, but it moved.  It is only done in short clips of time and that even makes it more effective as a piece you are viewing like a wall collage.  I think you will find them as amazing as I do.
Hilary's background is in design and photography. This however, is a very nice direction she has taken and new to the world of collage and art.  
I wanted to use her images, but as I do most always I wrote and ask her permission which she gave very generously so I could share them with you.  One of the real perks in writing this on line art advocacy magazine for you is that I am getting to meet more and more artists through the process of researching the articles. I hope you find Hilary's work as fascinating as I did and the art magazine Hyperallergenic did also.  Treat yourself and check out the work of Hilary Faye!

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