Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Magandang Umaga Philippines!  

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Paco Garospe(click) is known as the Picasso of the Philippines. 

 I lived in the Philippines as a young art teacher and had some wonderful experiences there.  I met artists and took art classes as well.  It was a wonderful time in my life.  I learned many things during that time, about myself, my country and the world.  The Filipino people were kind and patient mentors of a young American abroad.  I was greeted with generosity and warmth wherever I traveled.  I had a little brown Dodge Dart that I drove to Manila and Baguio and back.  I rode through dirt roads with pot holes in a cane field for miles to take a short cut to Manila with the warm island breeze drifting in my car windows.  I need to have a t-shirt that says I drove in Manila and survived!  I watched local craftsmen carve statues in a variety of woods. I watched tiny woman, as strong as a man, throw huge pots of a wheel.  I drew and painted and took photographs, but mainly I experienced life.  I learned to love lumpia and pork adobo. I rode jeepenys through town and shopped in the open markets.  I saw rice fields with slow moving water buffalo and small children riding on their backs. 

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 I saw families so tender and patient with children it touched my heart.  I snorkeled the crystal clear waters and floated above a universe of the most beautiful sea life one can imagine.   I rode through head hunter territory to the terraced mountains of Banaue. And it was there I had an experience that would later become a major piece of art for me.   
So to the Filipino people, I say salmat po!  Thank you!
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