Friday, September 7, 2012

An Unlikely Pair/Bankers to Artists

How Do We Get Called To The Arts?

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That is the Photo now go to the blog and see the quilt!!!!

Jim and Andrew were an unlikely pair to enter the arts.  They were bankers by trade, successful bankers at that.  But a call that whispered on the wind, as life changed and circumstances the call became louder.  Life is funny like that Jim always loved the arts and Andy's family background were craftsmen in the world of tailoring and fabric.  Quilting became a hobby they enjoyed that relieved the stress of the day. Then as illness and a life altering auto accident injury changed Jim and Andrew's life, banking was no longer there world.  Their hobby became more and more important and they spent more of their time at home ramping up their quilting.  They began experimenting more, and expanding for traditional patterns to more modern ones.. 

They also began exhibiting and selling their quilts.  This went on for a few years and then all of sudden they were "discovered"! Funny how you can work years at something and become found by others.  Now it has been a round of acceptance in to national exhibitions, awards, and sales beyond their dreams.  And as of late an art museum is interested in their quilts for a show.   It is a wonderful quilt about Lucy, from the I love Lucy Show.  You can find all their quilts on their blog....
Give them a will love these guys!!!

Colored Windows to the World   from google image

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