Monday, September 3, 2012

The Creative Process Does Not Belong To Artists Alone
The Kahn Academy 

Salman Kahn of Salman Kahn Academy            google image

Though we as artists often feel that is the case, all we need to do is look at visionaries, inventor's, and scientist who have led the way in their innovative thinking skills.  From Leonardo Da Vinci to Einstein to Buckminster Fuller to Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, there is plenty of evidence of a wealth of creative thinking in other 

Leonardo Da Vinci              google image
fields.  So today I wanted to highlight an innovative thinker of today.  His story is one of those that seems happenstance and unlikely, but altogether true.  Salman Kahn was a hedgefund manager on Wall Street, when his niece was having trouble with algebra.  He happened to be very good in math, so he offered his help.  The only problem was he was in New York, and she was in New Orleans.  So he decided to do a you tube video to help her out, explain in fully, and make her feel like he was there with him. As unlikely as it seems, someone else needed help and happened on it, and another and another...then people started e-mailing him asking him for help with other math problems, the science and other fields.  Salman made video after video for people and refused to charge and fees for his work.  Then it all became viral and he soon discovered Bill Gates was using his videos to teach his children with Kahn's lessons.  It seems Kahn has a knack of explaining really difficult things in the most simple way.  So then the story goes Bill Gates contacts Salmon and now he has started the Kahn academy that is still refusing to take money.  He started his business as a non-profit so anyone can access his free education on line.  His idea are being looked at to revolutionize how we teach math to students in the United States and world wide. I admire people who care more about helping others than making profit for themselves.  To me Salman Kahn is a hero and a creative thinker.  Please join me in celebrating the life of someone who makes others lives better.

If you know anyone world wide that needs a free education and can access on line lessons please educate them about the Kahn academy may make a difference in a persons' life.

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