Monday, September 10, 2012

A Man Who Does Good in the Name of Art

Duncan McClellan
hero of the arts

Duncan McClellan, glass artist                         from google image

Glass Art of Duncan McClellan                                                                from google image

That is Duncan's philosophy. It is Kennedyesque, but it is also all Duncan, a one man rocking machine!  He is a glass blower, and he etches his glass in amazing ways.  He is a charming engaging man.  He is a successful artist who has made his way.  The story could end there, if he were a man who only focused on himself and his success.  But what makes this story unique is he did not choose to focus on himself only.  He chose to help a community, a neighborhood, fellow artists, schools, and a city along the way!  
Duncan's Art Studio, Gallery, home and organic fruit garders                  photo by elizabeth gordon
He single handily turned an old dying warehouse district into a district of the arts and active studios.  He took an old warehouse in a very iffy area, sunk a huge bunch of money to turn it into his studio, galleries for himself and visiting artists and now a huge hot shop.  Every Saturday on the first day of the month he opens he studio to every one, and it is quite an event.  He also reconditioned an old trailer into a traveling art trailer for the local schools. 

with $6000 dollars Duncan reconditioned this old trailer with a sand blaster, and glass art tools to take to the local schools to teach them about glass blowing and etching.  photo by elizabeth gordon
 For he knows something I know as a teacher of the arts, if you teach children to love and appreciate the arts they will the future buyers of art, and visitors of galleries!  But he does if because he cares about kids and the arts.  He is a man with a big heart and a huge smile. 
Maryanne(art therapist and author)  and my with the handsome new manager of the new hot shop
Jake Stout
First Saturday Art Opening at Duncan's Gallery and Studio

Side patio at Duncan's Gallery with another artists sculptures

Mediterraneo by Sergio Daveri and Italian Artist

Sergio Daveri

Duncan's Art Openings are a popular event

The point is we can all chose to do art for ourselves and our needs or our bank account...Duncan chose to bring others along with him in his success and to be inclusive rather than excluding.  To me that makes him a hero...a hero of the arts! 

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