Friday, September 21, 2012


Biology 101  by Elizabeth Gordon              Clay tile with photo transfer printing inks   2012      
The clay tile above is a piece I created this year at Hyde Park Art Studio.  With my friend and teacher Kathy Pena we experimented and created a type of ceramic ink that we could use on low fire clay.  In this piece I had experimented successfully I think with overlays.  The idea for this piece came from my Mother's love of biology and nature.  She studied science in college and taught biology and chemistry in high school.  She taught me and my brother the love of all living things as children.  She formed stories around different kinds of insects to help us learn about their lives and habits so we would understand them and not be afraid of them.  I grew up fascinated with all insects.  Growing up in a tropical environment like Florida one becomes used to being surrounded by bugs of all kinds.  And more recently spending summers in the mountains of the Blue Ridge Mountains I have widened my knowledge of various insects.  Their colors can be brilliant and their structure complicated and fascinating.  From my Mothers' love of science and nature comes my interest that transfers into my art.  Sometimes it is conscious, other times I think it is not.  If you think deeply about how you grew up, what influenced you, what your parents did, what you were surrounded might surprise yourself with what you discover that influences your art.  Sometimes it can be the most minute of things...we are complex organisms ourselves....where a hint of a smell can whisk us back to a childhood riding down a gravel road in Mississippi, windows down in a 1940's Hudson and red clay dust whirling in...will I make a piece of art from those memories or have I already?
Think, remember, think, recall, and you may just be amazed!
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