Monday, September 10, 2012

Meeting Martin Stynes(click)
Have you ever met someones art before you met them?  That was the case with Martin.  We have corresponded on line and facebook for a good long time.  We have talked art, about his shows and exhibitions, we have talked of other artists, we have talked of philosophy and science.  I have read Martin's poetry, and time traveled with him to the future and back.  I have introduced other artists to him and him to me.  And now he sent his work to a gallery in Florida near where I live.  So I hurried over to see it and there it was hung in the front room, the same lovely abstract landscape paintings I knew so well.  I would have bought that tryptic, but someone beat me to it, it had a little red dot...sold! I think it happened the first day, lucky person!   So now I must get Martin to come to Florida or North Carolina when I can actually get to meet this fine painter and good hearted friend in person!

" Welcome Martin, I thought, so nice to finally meet you!"

Me meeting Martins' Painting            photo by Ann Suggs

photo by Elizabeth Gordon

"All of us do this: Experiment, play, move things around, juxtapose stuff, re-invent and re name. Sometimes something happens and we stop and stare. We didn't know we were going to do this. And then it might wind up in the editing page and make its way to an album on facebook, pinned to the wall and stared at. And again some of this becomes a piece of work to finish. It might end up in the blog or listed on the website. Occasionally it is selected for a show. A group exhibition or a solo show. People come and look. Stop and stare again. The title intrigues them, it begins a train of thought they were not expecting. I visit and see this thing with words and begin to wonder if I knew what I was doing. It is often the case that I conclude, no, I didn't know. This is why I and we are in awe of what we do and what we bring into this world. In awe because I do not think it is us who are in charge." a quote by Martin Stynes

Close up detail of Martin's tryptic 

note the red dot...SOLD!

Morean Art Gallery and Center Members Show

Hi Martin Stynes, so nice to meet you!

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