Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Christopher Burdett

ART OF CHRISTOPHER  BURDETT                                                              google image

How our lives effect our art.  This is a story with a personal side for me.  I know Chris, I have known him since he was born.  He is the son of one of my very best friends who is more like a sister than a friend.  And Chris is more like my nephew than a friends son. I have watched him grow and been with him a good bit of his growing years.
Chris was born to a Mother who was a high school art teacher and a very talented artist.  His Father was an ecologist for the state.  Each parent was to influence him in his life and art in interesting ways.  Chris' first word was "ish" for fish.  When he was barely a toddler he was in the john boat with his parents basking in the Florida sun and catching blue crabs or a net brimming with shrimp.  He was constantly surrounded with nature and its creatures.  I went on many of those adventures with Chris watching him interact with his environment with such joy.  He was a happy child and took in all his experiences with delight.  His Mother drew, threw clay, painted and created constantly around him.  So Chris copied his Mother and began to do art.  He made creatures of all kinds and often they looked alot like the creatures of the gulf waters and swamps where we had just ventured.  He made clay figures and photographed them, changed their movement and shape and photographed them again.  The he made a film...he wasn't even 10 yet and he was making movies. The he made his own comic character and story...his character Bill, was part bird but had super powers.
His art and drawing became outstanding for his age.  He continued to outshine all his classmates.  He got a part time job in a comic store and that added another influence to his art and his interest in fantasy illustration.  Chris went on to study art at the university level and added to his skill in various media.  Then he worked on film sets and tv shows in Hollywood.  He married returned home, but continue his work in fantasy illustration.  He has built a reputation amongst the fantasy illustration artist and is quite respected.  But I will always see that blonde curly boy basking in the Florida sun holding a blue crab looking so carefully....and now see parts of all those creatures in his work today.  Our lives art are intertwined with our art.
Chris made this fascinating time lapse drawing of one of his creatures.  He also has a wonderful blog I highly recommend.
Take a peak...you will love this..just click on highlighted address below.


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