Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Artist Series

Javier T. Jones

How we make a difference in the arts, Makes a difference din peoples lives. 
Muy Bueno Por Todas El Mundo.

Javier T. Jones  Copper Artist

Javier honors a past copper artist Jack Lebow
Jack worked with my students on a public art project.

Javier is an artist I met recently that impressed me in his life and his art.  He has a studio loft above the Florida Craftsmen Guild in St. Petersburg Florida.  He is originally from Puerto Rico where he taught elementary art.  So, right away we had something in common, both being art educators.  He taught in a very rough area where he had 5th graders who were already prostitutes and boys who were rapists.  He worked hard in the community to make a difference. He did a mural program in the neighborhood to cover up gang graffiti with the kids.  I can not tell you how much I admire people like Javier who work a hard day of teaching art, pushing a cart, begging for art supplies, and trying to survive financially in teaching...but still go out after hours and on weekends to help kids.  The sacrifice is enormous, it takes away from your own kids and family time, it takes your own money and resources, it takes your heart and soul.  
Javier's art work demands duel attention with his work as a Physical therapist and a Father.  He gets up early, goes to the studio, mixes his chemicals to make a patina for his metal, then heads out to work.  He is an amazing person, and has such a positive outlook for his art and art for others.  
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