Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Winter Shadows

I love this photo. We are in downtown Asheville at the end of a long shopping day. We stop to talk and decide whether to go to the movie or go home. Then we notice the shadows. Winter shadows cast long with great contrast which makes them unique for photographs. I also like the hint of a sign to the left with DC showing in red against the brick.
Looking at this photo you might think it was a man and a woman, but it is me with my new hat and jeans legs that seem to go on forever. Ann is wearing jeans too, but the shadow widened and stretched horizontally maligning her legs look like a skirt. It is just a great photo, two people in silhouette. It is a photo that seems to have a story....that makes it a stronger photograph for me. It intrigues and makes the mind want to know more.

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