Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A day of shopping in hat and a great restaurant

Asheville is very a very European city in many ways, for one it is walkable. To experience a great deal of the downtown is easily done, as in Europe there are street cafe's on every corner, shops and galleries. There are street entertainers playing banjo's, violins, or singing to every passerby. Asheville is a town of art, music, and crafts. Dogs and cats are with their owners in many shops. It is just a friendly town. Curate is a new tapas restaurant that is outstanding. I loved the pumpkin carving and thought you might also.

I love hats. I buy them, then don't wear them. I am never sure if they look good, and then I feel uneasy about them...then I buy another I may or may not wear.! This one is a San Francisco hat, as it is named here-a short brimmed hat with an attitude for women. My Father loved hats and wore them all the time. He would reshape them to fit his look, tilt it in a cocky way, looking in the mirror for just the right look. It was his art!

Even though it is Thanksgiving this week in America, all the shop owners are already decorating for Christmas. They don't want to miss a big money making holiday! It is nice to be out of the tropical weather for a while, to wear a jacket, a scarf and a hat. The chill in the air feels good and watching the fire place warming the house in the evenings all snuggled in from the cold feels wonderful also.
Tomorrow is the big day, Thanksgiving. It is when we thank the native americans for letting us have their country. Not really, we are thanking them for helping us (pilgrims) to survive in a new world. Mainly, now it is a day of family gatherings...with turkey, stuffing, cranberry relish, and pumpkin pie. Tonight my family arrives and we will all start preparing for tomorrows big meal. It will be my brother and his family. The house will be alive with seven people vying for the kitchen to do their dish. Wine and conversation will flow. Great smells will fill the house. Dog will play and be underfoot. It will be a wonderful day!
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