Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Today is Art Class Day/What to do!!!

Sometimes I feel a bit like Rodin's "Thinker" when I am going to class. I have been away on vacation and not thought about glass nor clay the whole time. So today sneaked up on me and I haven't planned ahead. I can't say that is unusual for me because I am not a planner that way, but I still feel the panic. I will sit down with all my different little bins of glass pieces and tubs of larger bits and stare a while, drink my coffee and start to let the ideas come. That is usually the process for me, move a piece here, connect another here, take it away try a different combo, until it seems right to me. I think every artist works differently, but that is common for me, as an intuitive artist, my ideas flow best that way. They just come. I trust the process and turn myself over to it. People often ask me what I am going to do, and I tell them honestly I don't know. People who are not artists find that hard to conceive, but is my process and usually works well. There are days nothing works and nothing comes together, but not often. I figure on those days I just wasn't meant to work and do something else. Glass and clay are new media for me and I enjoy the experimentation and exploration of the unknown. So we shall see what the day brings and I will share the results with you later. What will I do! Only the force knows...the artistic force that is!

The Thinker by Rodin
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