Monday, November 28, 2011

Aunt Lorine in Sepia or Antique tone?

I was visiting one of my favorite aunts in Mississippi and taking a journey back to childhood memories. Aunt Lorine and Uncle Dana were very special and I enjoyed many wonderful visits at their home as a child. Dana was one of my Father's brothers from a family of 12. The boys were hard working farm boys and loved to tease and play. We often gathered at Uncle Dana and Aunt Lorine's where all the brothers would play domino's and Aunt Lorine would cook wonderful Southern meals. My cousin Fran and I would play outside looking for lightning bugs until the night came on summer nights-just two little girls running barefoot. Uncle Dana is gone now and Aunt Lorine is a fighter, she is still going strong. She has over come tremendous illness just to be home again. The house has changed little since we were small when I walk back in, it is just like my memories of childhood: the checkered table cloth, linoleum floors, and furniture all the same. The domino room, where my Father and his brothers played is still there. I took these photo's of Aunt Lorine having a favorite meal of mine: peas, corn bread and sweet potato's. It is still my favorite of foods. I then took the photo and played around with the tone....I was looking at antiquing the colors or going for a complete sepia tone to give it an aged in the past look. Which do you think is more effective?

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