Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Own an Original Bling Bling!

Dichroic  Glass 



Each Piece a Small Sculpture

These are examples, designs vary.  Each is an individual piece of art, by a fine
arts artist.  I approach this as fine art, sculpture, a work of art,  not as cookie cutter  mass
produced craft. These are not mass produced, but each as treated as its own individual canvas.

Glass Fusion Necklaces by Elizabeth Gordon

Own a piece of original art 
price $45 small, $50 medium, $60 large
contact me at to order
at present the etsy link is having problems.  
Specify size, number of necklaces you would like.
You will need to use the email address to order.
If you are listed as a member under the followers 
section you will receive 10% off.  They are rewards 
for loyal readers and supporters!
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