Friday, December 14, 2012

The Only Way Is Up!

We are getting so close to that big number.  Keep on clicking and sharing and it will be here so soon.  I am excited. 

Asheville, North Carolina   The only Way is Up
photo by Elizabeth Gordon

Just to share a happenstance with you or a moment of synergy.  Yesterday filming of a commercial was taking place at the house next to mine.  Our neighborhood is a classic early 1900's that is often filmed.  Trucks and trucks, wardrobe, actors, camera's and food stands...all the like were clogging the streets.  I went out to walk Mr. DaVinci the dog, and saw one producer type walking back to his car, all else was packed up and gone.  He stopped to talk to me about my dog and then we got on to art.  He talked about how he had an art degree, and went into film making and theater design.  We then talked about how art advocacy is so bond creativity and community.  It was a wonderful moment.  We can always advocate for the arts and find like minds if we are open to do so.  Find a way in your community to promote the arts in your community and schools at any chance you can.  You never know what will happen or what seeds will be planted because you did!
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