Friday, December 28, 2012

Can You Guess What it is?

I love to do close ups of known things, so close one is not sure what it is.  I used to do this in teaching with elementary students and special education children.  It was amazing what they would guess, sometimes very accurately and other times I could understand what they thought they were seeing.  Adults are less accurate, we are too used to screen things quickly and not really seeing.  In art one must see and really look closely.  That is our training, for if we do not see the details see do not see so much else..the shape, the contour, the change of color, the volume, the delicate line nor the blending or contrast.  The brain must be trained to see and sense so much. Those not trained in the arts do not really understand what seeing means.  Can you tell what this close up detail is of?  Scroll below for the answer.

                                                                   * Photo is of light crystal globes on a chandelier. 
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