Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Dog and the Accordion Player

I was captured by this street musician and his dog.  Walking down in the quarter always promises interesting people and events, no one knows what they will see on any given day.  It was a chilly day and the wind was whipping up.  Most of the performers, or musicians had taken cover somewhere.  This man had backed into an old store front entry way to play his accordion for a bit of change.  His dog had crawled in to his instrument case and was accepting tips as well.  I love the sequencing of the pictures and peoples reactions, like time lapse photography.  My favorite is the last one, with the little girl so enraptured by the dog and the musician.
French Quarter, New Orleans    photos by Elizabeth Gordon  

You Go Girl Scribbled on the Wall, a Monkey backpack and the musicians expression are all so wonderful in the photo.  

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