Sunday, December 2, 2012

Shell Rings along Coastal Eastern North America

Along the sea coast of South Carolina one will find a  series of shell rings that go from Florida to South Carolina and Northwards.

These ancient  peoples were some of the first inhabitants  of North America.  The shell mounds and rings were first part of their refuse, but later became ceremonial area.  They built their huts around the rings and would gather in the center for important gatherings. It is fascinating to walk along these ancient sites and think of people living here 4000 years ago.

Oyster shell in the mud flats

Julia Cameron speaks of artists dates to refill the well of the artist.  Walks like these and new discoveries do that for us.  It heightens our senses as artists and adds to our wealth of visual images. In essence it enriches us, the well from which art and expression flows.
natures art on the trunk of a tree

the remains of the shell rings  photo by elizabeth gordon
mold growing on decayed tree trunk

Oysters bleached in the sun at low tide
board walk around the shell ring and into the savannas 
Vies of the expanse of the savannas
fungi growing on the forrest floor
play of shadows where the forrest meets the savannas

Lonely red wood cedar curved branch reaching outward
informative stations along the path

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