Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Huge New Benchmark Approaching for Rabbit's Moon.

Philadelphia Museum of Art  Steps famous for Rocky Scene...Photo by Iirraa from goole image

A New Benchmark approaching for us!  We are at 48,000 plus hits since starting August before last.  Soon we will hit 50,000 hits.  It is still amazing to me and I thank you all for your loyal support and readership.  Mostly I thank you for your love of art and sharing it with others!  Help put us over the top and share with your friends.  Don't forget to join.  Don't forget to join and you will get a daily blog sent to your mail box!! and you will get a daily blog sent to your mail box!!  On the left is a section that says join this site and members you can sign up.   You can also join anonymous I have blogged almost everyday for two years, rarely missing a day.  I am also glad to have guest artists, and guest writers.  Let me know what is going on in the arts on your side of the world in your community and I will be glad to share it with others.  I am an artist, educator and art advocate!  I am passionate about how art helps all people.
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