Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Adding to Our New Artist Series

Valerie Goodwin 

Browsing the internet I happened upon this wonderful artist whom I think you will be as fascinated with as I was.  Valerie Goodwin was originally an architect who drifted into visual arts.  Her quilts are fascinating views of the  Earth from above that seem abstracted, but are not.  It is the same way I first viewed Georgia O'Keeffe's paintings of New Mexico. At the first look I thought they were abstractions, but standing in New Mexico at her Abiquiu studio, looking at what she saw, I realized they were not. Such it is with Goodwin's quilts.   I am always fascinated with maps and in art it adds another interesting element.
Valerie teaches at Florida A & M.  She also does art workshops.  I am ready to sign up!   

African Burial Ground           Valerie Goodwin                                      from google image
Valerie Goodwin   Architect and Artist          from google image

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